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Bolt Clamps

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Item NumberDescriptionWeight (lbs)
CLAMP-HBHead Beam Clamp3.00
CLAMP-SSB3.5"×2" Swivel×Clamp (Sidewalk Bridge)5.60
CLAMP-RSB3.5"×2" Riht Angel Clamp (Sidewalk Bridge)5.30
CLAMP-SForged by Side U Clamp4.10
CLAMP-SCSide by Side U Clamp2.00
CLAMP-RForged Fixed Right Angel Clamp3.60
CLAMP-ST-N3.5" Stud Clamp4.00
CLAMP-WNHalf Clamp with Wing Nut3.50
CLAMP-IBTCBeam Clamp2.10
CLAMP-R252.5"×2" Forged Right Angel Clamp4.50
CLAMP-S252.5"×2" Forged Swivel Clamp5.30